Investment Process

Behind every investment decision made by Acumen stands a wealth of knowledge and research. Through their many years in the industry, the Directors of Acumen have access to a wide network of industry specialists.

Investment recommendations are based on extensive research of economic data and conditions, both locally and overseas, followed by an appraisal of the Australian Stockmarket leading to the rating of different market sectors and finally individual stock selections.

Qualitative and quantitative research is undertaken from the following sources:-

  • Daily morning Research Report notes from leading stockbrokers
  • Stockbrokers’ Meeting Notes and access to background material
  • Research material and company information on request
  • Access to live ASX data including announcements & stock updates
  • Live access to stockbrokers’ websites
  • Company Reports
  • Stockbroking Analysts’ Reports
  • Live access to the websites of ASX listed entities
  • Attendance at Company Annual General & Other Meetings, plus
  • Attendance at Company Management presentations organised by Stockbrokers.