Your Portfolio

What information does the client receive on their portfolio?

  • Details of all client portfolio securities are entered on our Xplan Portfolio Management software system and comprehensive quarterly reports are forwarded to clients at the end of March, June, September & December. Updates are available at other times on request at no additional cost.
  • These reports cover the following areas:-
      • Portfolio Valuation
      • Transaction Summary
      • Cash Management Account Summary
      • Income Received, including Imputation Credits
  • The service is totally discreet. However copies of reports, or extracts, can be forwarded to third parties – e.g. a client’s Accountant - at the client’s request.
  • All shares purchased are registered in the client’s name care of their existing address and all income and sale proceeds are paid to that name.
  • Contract notes for all transactions are forwarded by the stockbroker to the client’s registered address. A duplicate is sent to Acumen for record keeping purposes.